Commit 894b523a authored by Fabian Becker's avatar Fabian Becker
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Remove unused main

parent e3cb6fcc
package eva2.gui;
import eva2.optimization.population.Population;
import eva2.optimization.strategies.GeneticAlgorithm;
......@@ -276,19 +275,6 @@ public class BeanInspector {
public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println(BeanInspector.toString(new String[]{"asdf", "jdksfl", "werljk"}));
System.out.println(BeanInspector.toString(new Population()));
System.out.println(BeanInspector.toString(new GeneticAlgorithm()));
System.out.println(BeanInspector.niceToString(new Population()));
System.out.println(BeanInspector.niceToString(new GeneticAlgorithm()));
System.out.println(BeanInspector.toString(new Population(), ';', false, ">", 1, false));
System.out.println(BeanInspector.toString(new GeneticAlgorithm(), ';', false, ">", 1, false));
* Retrieve names and values of instance fields which are accessible by
* getter method, optionally by both getter and setter method. The returned
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